The Rawlinson Surname

There is no information presently available about the origins of the Rawlinson name. although it is believe to be English. It is said that two Rawlinson brothers fought with King Henry V at the momentous Battle of Agincourt. Presumaly the name arose as "son of Rollin" or something similar. The name has also been spelled "Rollison" and "Raulerson." []

The First Rawlinsons in the Line

The first known Rawlinson in the line was George Rawlinson, Sr.,who was born about 1720 . He apparently arrived in South Carolina about 1765. George had the following children [Tony Draine]:

  1. Francis Rawlinson
  2. Benjamin Rawlinson
  3. George Rawlinson, Jr.
  4. William Rawlinson
  5. John Rawlinson
  6. David Rawlinson
  7. Richard Rawlinson
  8. Gilbert Rawlinson

George Rawlinson may have descended from a John Rawlinson who was in Maryland in 1678 []

The Rawlinsons are believed to have lived in South Carolina near the confluence of Santee, Wateree, and Congaree Rivers in the central part of the state in what is now Richland County. [Tony Draine].

Francis Rawlinson was born about 1740, perhaps in South Carolina, and he eventually moved to Georgia, probably Effingham County. Francis' only known child was daughter Nancy who was born in Georgia and married Anthony Pitts, born 1765 in North Carolina. Since Pitts was known to have lived in Effingham County, and their son Daniel Pitts, Sr., was born at Savannah, Effingham County, Georgia in 1797, presumably that was also Francis' home at the time.

Move to Jones County

Sometime in the early 1800's Anthony and Nancy Rawlinson Pitts moved to Jones County, Mississippi where they were one of the pioneering families. Jones County was in the wilderness at the time, and getting there required traveling around or through Indian lands in western Georgia and in what later became Alabama. In Jones County the Pitts became associated with the Landrum and Walters families. Anthony died there in 1825 and Nancy in 1836.

My Rawlinson Line

  1. M. Lee Murrah
  2. Earvin Elroy Murrah m. Ina Gertrude Johnson
  3. Hester Ann Laura Forsythe m. Samuel Virgil Murrah
  4. Sarah Alice Darenda Landrum M. William David Forsythe
  5. Maston Lee Landrum m. Mary Jane Johnson
  6. Linson Landrum m. Elizabeth Ann Pitts
  7. Daniel Pitts, Sr. m. Margarette Walters
  8. Nancy Ann Rawlinson m. Anthony Pitts
  9. Francis Rawlinson m. _____
  10. George Rawlinson, Sr. m. _____

Published Genealogies and Other Sources

None known.

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