Pitt Origins

The Pitt/Pitts family is said to derive from the Norman Gervase de la Puette, born about 1160 in what is now the Normandy province of France. Following are the reported generations after Gervase:

The source of the preceding line is unknown and is not documented.

Robert Pitt, Captain of the Thunder

The first Pitt to emigrate to America was Robert Pitt, who was born in England in 1607. Robert was captain of the Thunder, a merchant ship out of Bristol. He must have liked what he saw in Virginia and decided to emigrate. He married Martha Lear. He served as a Colonel in the Virginia Militia. Robert died on June 16, 1672 in Virginia.

Robert and Martha's son John was born in 1637 in Bristol, England. He died about 1702 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. He first married Sarah Moone and second Olive Hardy. It appears that the Pitt, Bridges, Driver, and Holladay families, all of whom emigrated to Isle of Wight, Virginia, seem to have been neighbors and intermarried in Gloucester. John served as a Lt. Col. in the Virginia Militia.

John and Olive's had the following children:

John and Olive's son John Pitt, Jr. was born in 1705 in Virginia and died in 1761 in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia (North Carolina?). He married Priscilla _____. Their children were:

North Carolina

John and Priscilla's son John Pitts III was born in 1740 in North Carolina and died in 1787 in Effingham Co., Georgia. He served as a Captain in the Revolutionary War.

John first married his first cousin Sarah Norsworthy, and they had the following children:

John next married Frances Griffin, and they had the following children:


John and Sarah's son Anthony was born in North Carolina in 1765 but moved to Savannah, Georgia. He died in Jones Co., Mississipi in 1825. He married Nancy Ann Rawlinson, and they had the folowing children:

Jones County, Mississippi

Daniel Pitts was born in 1797 at Savannah, Effingham Co., Georgia and married Margarette Walters, a South Carolina native of unknown parents. It appears that Daniel and Margarette were in Mississippi by about 1830. Daniel died at Ellisville, Jones Co., Mississippi in 1894. 

Elizabeth Ann Pitts

Elizabeth Ann Pitts was born in 1830 in Mississippi, the daughter of Daniel Pitts, Sr. and Margarette Walters, and died in Nacogdoches Co., Texas. In 1847 she married Linson B. (Charlie) Landrum, son of Henry Landrum and Rachel Jane _____. Charlie and Elizabeth lived in Jones County in 1850 and 1860. Linson purchased land in Jones County in 1855, and in 1857 he contracted with J. G. Dunn to build a grist mill on his land on Tullahoma Creek. In 1861 Linson and Elizabeth sold land to Daniel Pitts. 

Linson served in the Civil War, but he apparently deserted to Union forces of the Army of the Potomac in December, 1864. Evidence of this is that he immediately took the oath of loyalty and went to New Orleans, which was then under Federal control, where he apparently remained until his death in a smallpox epidemic in 1865, never returning to his Mississippi home.  Some say that Linson joined the Union Army there.

Elizabeth and Linson Landrum had the following children: 

Elizabeth remained in Jones County for some time after Linson's death and still lived there 1870. In 1878 Elizabeth Landrum and her children sold the "Linson Landrum deceased tract." Son Maston was already living in Texas at the time, and he returned to Mississippi to settle the estate. 

Elizabeth later moved to Nacogdoches County, Texas, where she married Elijah Shoemake in 1882. They had two sons, Erastus (Rass) and Ransom. 

My Pitts Line

  1. M. Lee Murrah 
  2. Ina Gertrude Johnson m. Earvin Elroy Murrah 
  3. Hester Ann Laura Forsythe m. Samuel Virgil Murrah 
  4. Sarah Alice Darenda Landrum m. William David Forsythe 
  5. Maston Lee Landrum m. Mary Jane Johnson 
  6. Elizabeth Ann Pitts m. Linson B. Landrum 
  7. Daniel Pitts, Sr. m. Margarette Walters 
  8. Anthony Pitts m. Nancy Ann Rawlinson 
  9. John Pitts III m. Sarah Norsworthy 
  10. John Pitt, Jr. m. Priscilla _____ 
  11. John Pitt, Sr. m. Olive Hardy 
  12. Robert Pitt m. Martha Lear 
  13. William Pitt m. Mary Gibbs 
  14. Thomas Pitt m. _____ 
  15. William Pitt m. Helena Haviland 

Published Genealogies and Other Sources

None known. 

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