Rev. John Mayo

The Mayo family traces its ancestry to Rev. John Mayo, son of John and Katherine Mayo, of Farthinghoe Parish, Northamptonshire, England. Rev. Mayo served as a minister of some prominence as the first pastor of the Second Church (sometimes called the Old North or the Paul Revere Church) in Boston,where he was installed on Nov. 9, 1655. He remained until 1673, when "owing to advanced age and infirmities, he was asked to resign as his sermons were no longer edifying." Rev. Mayo's associate and successor at the Church was Increase Mather. Prior to that ministry, Rev. Mayo was a teacher at Barnstable, 1644, and minister at Eastham, 1646-1655.

When he retired he went to Barnstable and Eastham to visit his children and finally to Yarmouth to be with his youngest daughter Elizabeth (Mrs. Joseph Howess) and died in 1676. His wife's name was Tamosine or Tamsin, last name unknown. She died in Yarmouth Feb 26, 1682. His children were all born in England, exceept possibly Elizabeth.

Rev. Mayo married Tamisen Brike in Leiden, Holland.

Nathaniel Mayo

Rev. Mayo' son Nathaniel Mayo was born about 1627 and married Hannah Prence, daughter of Gov. Thomas Prence and Patience Brewster, and granddaughter of William Brewster. Nathaniel and Hannah Mayo had sons Thomas and Samuel Mayo.

Thomas Mayo

Thomas Mayo was born in December 17, 1650 at Eastham and died April 23, 1729. He married Barbara Knowles, and they had the following children

Judah Mayo

Judah Mayo, son of Thomas Mayo and Barbara Knowles, grandson of Nathaniel Mayo and Hannah Prence, and great-grandson of Rev. John Mayo, was born September 25, 1691. He married Mary Hamilton, the daughter of Daniel and Mary (Smith) Hamilton January 27, 1721/2. Judah settled at Chatham on a farm lying between the farm of Menekish, the Indian sachem, that of Samuel Atkins. He died in 1761.

Judah and Mary's daughter Mary married Samuel Freeman. Samuel and Mary emigrated to Nova Scotia about 1750.

Connection to the Presidents Bush

Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush are descendants of Thomas Mayo as follows:

  1. George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States m. Laura Welch
  2. George H. W. Bush, 41st President of the United States m. Barbara Pierce
  3. Sen. Prescott Sheldon Bush m. Dorothy Walker
  4. George Herbert Walker m. Lucretia Wear
  5. David Davis Walker m. Martha Adela Beaky
  6. Joseph Ambrose Beaky m. Mary Ann Bangs
  7. Elijah Keeler Bangs m. Esther Stackhouse
  8. Lemuel Bangs m. Rebecca Keeler
  9. Joseph Bangs m. Thankful Hamblen
  10. Samuel Bangs m. Mary Hinckley
  11. Jonathan Bangs m. Mary Mayo
  12. Samuel Mayo m.Tamasin Lumpkin
  13. Rev. John Mayo

My Mayo Line

  1. M. Lee Murrah
  2. Ina Gertrude Johnson m. Earvin Elroy Murrah
  3. Florence Ophelia Largent and Franklin John Johnson
  4. Malcom David Largent and Eliza Azalee Spears
  5. Thomas Wayne Largent and Talitha Maria Freeman
  6. David Barss Freeman and Talitha T. Thompson
  7. James Freeman and Hannah Barss
  8. Samuel Freeman m. Mary Mayo
  9. Judah Mayo m. Mary Hamilton
  10. Thomas Mayo m. Barbara Knowles
  11. Nathaniel Mayo m. Hannah Prence
  12. Rev. John Mayo m. Thomasine _____

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