The Largent Surname

Largent is a fairly rare name in North America. It appears to derive from the French "l'argent" meaning "the silver," referring perhaps to an artisan in silver or a silver-haired person. Some have reported that Largent is a common name among jewelers in France. Today "largent" means "money" in French.

John Largent, Immigrant to Virginia

It appears that the Largents may descend from John Largent who settled first in Baltimore County, Maryland where he was living in Gunpowder Hundred in the 1690's and early 1700's. He seems to have moved to Frederick Co., Virginia afterwards and then to Orange Co., Virginia where he died before 1738. There are two stories about his origins.

The first story indicates that John Largent came from England, though the French last name would indicate that the family originated in France. It is known that some French Huguenots emigrated to Scotland since the same Calvinist theology was the basis for the Presbyterian Church. The family might also have arrived in England with the Norman invasion in the Eleventh Century.

The second, and more romantic but less likely, story says his name was Jean de L'Argent, who was born in France in 1690. He fled to America after marrying a Huguenot named Rachael. At time the Protestant Huguenots were being persecuted in France. He may have lived in Maryland for a time since records show a John Largent there at an earlier date.

John and Rachel are said to have had three children :

Another source indicates that John had two minor children, Ann and Thomas, who were apprenticed out in 1738. Thomas Largent removed with his guardian Daniel Burnett to South Carolina and was the progenitor of the North Carolina and South Carolina Largents. (

Children of William Largent, Son of John the Immigrant

Children of John Largent, son of John the Immigrant

Marriage #1 to Rosalee Demoss (or Margaret Stephens) in VA:

Marriage #2 to Sarah Henwood:

Marriage #3 to Katherine Christine Ross, born 1737 and died in Ohio 1838

Largents in West Virginia

James Largent, son of John Largent, was born 9-26-1822, and married Mary Loy in Hampshire Co., (VA) WV. They had 9 children, the second of which John W. was born July 31, 1849. (

Largents in Ohio

George W. Largent, born 1-31-1822, married Mahala Jones in Monroe Co., OH, had 9 children, moved to KS in 1863, lived in Osage Co., KS in 1880, died 1892, Prage, OK. May have had brother Ryan. Unknown link to PA.

Largents in SC

Wills in Old 96 and Abbeville Districts show Thomas Largent, whose estate was administed as of 11-29-1785 by Darcus Largent and others.

In 1785 James Largent, pvt. in Lt. Col. Sam Hammonds Regiment of State Troops, was paid for service.

In 1785 appears as administrator of the estate of Thomas Largent in 96 District. She was in the 1790 census for 96 District, Newberry Co., SC, listing 1 male over 16 and 4 females.

In 1790 census for 96 District, Edgefield Co., William Largent, with 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16, and 1 female.

In 1790 census for 96 District, Newberry Co., Darcus Largent, with 1 male over 16 and 4 females.

In 1790 census for Beaufort District, Jno. Largent with 1 male over 16.

In 1804, Dorcas Largent sold 100 acres on the waters of Saluda River to John Barnes [Newberry Dist. Deed Book G, p. 330]. This deed was acknowledged on 24 Oct 1808 in Stewart Co. (TN) County Court by William Largent. Since William and Dorcas are aboutt he same age, it is assumed that he was a son of Thomas Largent and step-son of Dorcas Largent.

On 24 Aug 1805, John Barnes sold 75 acres on Big Creek of Little Saluda River to Isaac Sadler. Dorcas Barnes, wife of John, relinquished her dower right in this land. [Edgefield Co. Deed Book 31, p. 284].

John and Dorcas Barnes moved to Stewart Co., TN between 1810 and 1812. They appear together in the 1850 Stewart Co. census. John died there in 1851 and Dorcas in 1858.

Revolutionary War soliders from SC included James Largent, born 1752 Anson Co., NC, enlisted under Capt. McCrary during 1775 while residing in Newberry Dist., was wounded in thigh in skirmish with Tories. During 1777 moved to NC and served in unit there. Was in the battle at Stono in the state troops under Lt. Col. Samuel Hammond. Later in militia under Capt. James McIlhenny. (Moved to NC).

Largents in Georgia

William James Largent, my ancestor, was born in Georgia in 1800. Perhaps he was related to John Largent, a resident of Liberty County, who drew blanks in the 1805 GA Land Lottery.

William J. Largent in Mississippi

William James Largent first appeared in the records in Lawrence County, Mississippi in 1825 where he married Martha Albritton, who was born in 1806 in Mississippi. In 1841 William was granted public lands in Simpson County, Mississippi, but it is not known whether they every lived there. The 1850 census puts the Largents in Perry County, Mississippi. The family left Mississippi in 1856 and moved to Angelina County, Texas. Family legend says that some of the adult children were left in Mississippi.

The Angelina County, Texas Largents

William Largent was apparently an influential man in Angelina County since he served as a County Commissioner. His descendants married into many of the prominent commercial families of Lufkin, Texas. Their children were:

William and Martha are buried at Largent Cemetery west of Lufkin, TX.

My Largent Line

  1. M. Lee Murrah
  2. Ina Gertrude Johnson m. Earvin Elroy Murrah
  3. Florence Ophelia Largent m. Frank John Johnson
  4. Malcom David Largent m. Eliza Azalee Spears
  5. Thomas Wayne Largent m. Talitha Maria Freeman
  6. William James Largent m. Martha Albritton

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