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Locations of Lee's Families

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Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts (Plymouth), Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Nova Scotia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia

Where Do Lee's Ancestors Come From?

Most of Lee's ancestral lines are in the South -- Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. He does have one line that connects through Nova Scotia to Massachusetts and Plymouth Plantation. Before that most of Lee's ancestors are English and Scotch with a little Welsh, French and American Indian thrown in along the way. Lee's genealogical research indicates that his immediate ancestry is nothing to write home about -- mainly small time farmers from Texas and the Deep South. 

The Old Countries

Most of Lee's ancestors emigrated from Scotland (Murrah seems to be a Scots name) and England, with a few from France and Wales.  One is said to be from Italy, although that is not certain. Lee also has Redbones ancestors who historically have claimed to be Portuguese, and who some claim may have elements from Spain.

The South

Most of Lee's ancestors settled in the South. Those that can be traced entered through Virginia, some as early as 1650. Lee's Scotch ancestors probably entered via Philadelphia and followed the old Philadelphia Wagon Road into the Shenandoah Valley of Western Virginia and then south into the Carolinas and Georgia. Perhaps some entered through South Carolina.

Lee's ancestors later moved to Alabama, Misssippi and Louisiana, and finally to Texas as those areas opened up.

One family lived in Southwest Missouri during the Civil War (and the not so civil anarchy that infected the Missouri - Kansas border area). After the Civil War they moved to Texas. 

New England and Nova Scotia

Lee's most notable ancestor was his 10th great-grandfather, Elder William Brewster spiritual leader of the Mayflower and early leader of the Plymouth Colony, who reportedly drafted the Mayflower Compact. How his descendant got to rural East Texas is the most amazing part of the story. Lee's 9th great-granfather Rev. John Mayo was an early minister in Boston. That makes Lee distantly related to about half of New England, including "cousin" George Bush, although he was not offered an ambassadorship during the Bush administration.

Native American Roots

Lee probably has a slight trace of American Indian ancestry as do most long term Southerners. These include Creek from Alabama, and likely Nansemond or Pamunkey (Powhatans) from early Virginia. One branch of the family was severely discriminated against because of their dark skin in early Texas. Up in New England Lee's 9th great-grandmother was reportedly the daughter of Iyannough (Hyanno) the sachem (chief) of the Matachee Indians of Cape Cod when the Pilgrims arrived, although it can't be proven. 

Lee Murrah Biography

Lee Murrah was born at Lufkin, Texas, July 18, 1947, the only son of Earvin Elroy and Ina Gertrude Johnson Murrah. The Murrahs lived on farms near Diboll and then Burke, Texas throughout Lee's boyhood. Lee attended Burke School and Lufkin High School, and then earned degrees in electrical engineering and law from the University of Texas. Lee has lived in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, Texas; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and Bloomfield, Michigan. Lee and his wonderful wife Cec are now retired and live near Huntsville, Texas on Lake Livingston in Texas and spend their time volunteering in the community.

Lee can be contacted by e-mail. Please mention this web page in your message.

MLM: 31 Jan 2011